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Aug 27, 2009

Technical Resources
Posted by Steven Wood

ColdFusion Sites we love:

1) The obvious ones are the Adobe support forums. While Adobe support for these forums are spotty, there are a few regulars that really take it seriously - I've even had questions answered by Ben Forta himself!

ColdFusion Support Forums :

Flex Support Forums :

2) ColdFusion bloggers is a product Blog aggregator, and deals mostly with ColdFusion, Flex and CFML related development.

3) ColdFusion podcasts/Flex! What more could a code geek ask for? Here it is:

4) Cascading Style Sheets: 

pTutorial: Selectors, Lists, Floats
p“Web Developer” Firefox Plug-in
pUsing CSS for Search Engine Optimization
pProblems: Common CSS Problems and Solutions
pSkinning: CSS Zen Garden

5) The  following is a list of technical resources for Flex:

Flex sites/blogs:

Flex style Explorer:



Bugs/enhancement requests:

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